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What are Whimsies?

Glass House Whimsies are non-production glass items made by the glass workers on their own time, possibly for their own use and enjoyment, or to demonstrate their ability with glass, or as a special presentation item.

Glass House Whimsies are often referred to as "End-of-Day" items. This terminology implies that the items have various colors because they were made with the scraps of glass left over at the end of the work day. It also implies that the item was made after the regular work day production was complete. Although this may be partly true, the glass used for making Whimsies was generally not an inferior glass and some items may have been made on the lunch hour. Whimsies were also made at the cut glass factories.

The Whimsey Club is a group of collectors who have an interest in or collect Glass House Whimsies. The club purpose is to share information about Whimsies and to promote Whimsey collecting.

The Whimsey Club - The club that keeps a little whimsical thought in your everyday life.

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